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Is South Berwick tap water safe to drink?

Yes, our water exceeds all regulatory mandates, and has never violated any standard. In addition, South Berwick has won the Best Tasting Drinking Water in Maine four times, so you're getting some of the best drinking water available!

My water is cloudy once in a while - is it still safe to drink?

Cloudy water is most often caused by small air bubbles, not unlike the small gas bubbles one finds in carbonated beverages. If the cause of the cloudiness is air, the water in the glass should clear from bottom to top as the tiny air bubbles rise to the surface. This type of cloudiness is most common in the winter. You can safely drink, cook with, or bathe in this water.

Sometimes my water has an odd taste or odor - can I drink it?

Tastes and odors in drinking water are most often caused by natural elements in the source water. You can safely drink, cook with, or bathe in this water.

Is South Berwick water soft or hard?

South Berwick water is very soft.

How do I find out what is in my water? Are public reports available?

The most recent Water Quality Report is always available on our web site. This report contains levels of different constituents found in the water supply during the previous sampling period and their health implications.